Release Notes: May 13, 2022


Certify Payments - Updated Transaction IDs

Customers utilizing Certify Payments through Convera (formerly Western Union Business Solutions) will notice a new format with Transaction IDs on expense reports.

The Transaction ID is assigned to an expense report once the expense report has been sent to Convera for payment. Users can find the Transaction ID in the expense report’s approval history, or on the ACH Reimbursement History report.

The Transaction ID in Certify now aligns with the Payment ID found on Convera’s payment confirmation. This allows for easy reconciling and referencing of payments between the two systems.

Certify Invoice Classic - Control Invoice Vendor Appearance

Administrators using Certify’s legacy Invoicing module can now define the information which appears when searching for a Vendor on an invoice. Previously, only the Vendor’s name would appear. While sufficient for most use cases, there are situations where a company might have multiple vendors under the same name, but with different mailing addresses. This was especially troublesome for companies using our Pay by Check feature as part of Certify Payments.

To account for this, administrators can now define what appears when searching and selecting a Vendor. This setting is located on the View and Edit Policy page, under Configuration. 

The options are:

  • Vendor Name -- Shows only the vendor’s name (default/historical option).
  • Vendor Name and Code -- Shows the vendor’s name and code.
  • Vendor Name and Number -- Shows the vendor’s name and number.


If the Code or Number options are selected, Certify pulls the applicable data points from the Vendor record and adds the new information to the vendor search field in parentheses.



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