AP Release Notes: April 29, 2022


Approvals Tab

We have started working on updating the approval inbox to the new UI/UX. With the new design, we have added an Approvals tab that allows approvers to access their approval inbox from the top-nav menu options.

Home Page - Fax

Certify AP is introducing a Download Fax Sheet option on the new home page dashboard. This allows transaction submitters to easily download a fax cover sheet to use when sending their attachments for the transaction.

Vendor Email Validation Updates

Previously, Certify AP has added email validation on the vendor page where users must enter a valid email address when adding/editing the vendor. We have added the same validation on the SetupUtilities and DataImportUtility pages.

Removal of Card Number and Statement Date

We have removed the Card Number and Statement Date in the field mapping when uploading the credit card charges.

Bug Fix Notes




CAP-5711 | Unable to sync pay vendor without vendor email

An issue was found where vendor with Check payment method could not be synced over to EmbursePay if it did not have the Notification Email. This has been resolved.

CAP-5730 | Unable to export large CompanyDataExport

An issue was found where companies could not generate company data export if their data is larger than 2GBs. This has been resolved by generating the file into monthly batch in the export.

CAP-5843 | InvoiceStatusReport - Incorrect AllDepartment Option

An issue was found where the department dropdown had incorrect “all department” option in the Invoice Status Report. This has been resolved by adding a “consolidate” checkbox option..

CAP-5848 | New UI/UX Home page not loading properly

An issue was found where some users were seeing blank home page with new UI/UX. This has been resolved.

CAP-5845 | Check invoice permission not applying correctly

An issue was found on the invoice creation page where users were seeing invoices in the unassigned invoice queue where they didn’t have the Check Invoice permission. This has been resolved.

CAP-5876 | Approval Inbox Detail: Unable to add negativate line item

An issue was found where the approvers were not able to add a negative line item during the approval process. This has been resolved.

CAP-5834 | Dashboard.aspx - Incorrect Created Date

An issue was found where the CreatedDate was showing 1/1/1 for invoices that are created via Invoice Capture. This has been resolved.

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