AP Release Notes: April 15, 2022


Updated Credit Card Upload Template

Since we have removed the card number field on the credit card setup, we have updated the credit card charge upload template.

Increased MaxAttachment Size

We have increased the maximum size that you can attach to a transaction from 10MB to 25MB.

Vendor Email Validation

We added an email validation on the vendor profile so that you can only enter a valid email address in the Orders Email and Notification Email field.

Increased Product Detailed Description

We have now increased the product's detailed description from 255 characters to 1000 characters.

New SetupUtility Import Type - Department Update

We moved one of the internal bulk upload tools (updating the department address in bulk) to SetupUtilities so the AP admins can bulk update the department’s address rather than reaching out to support.

The template to bulk update department is:

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-5268 | Unable to set vendor with payment method via DIU

An issue was found where the vendor's payment method cannot be configured using DataImportUtility. This has been resolved.

CAP-5710 | Unable to change vendor with footer

An issue was found on the invoice creation page where the vendor could not be changed if the invoice had just a footer item. This has been resolved.

CAP-5783 | Remove leading/trailing whitespaces for upload

An issue was found where if the upload file contained leading/trailing whitespaces, the data was uploaded with the whitespaces. This has been resolved.

CAP-5789 | Incorrect CurrencyID in the Email

An issue was found where if the invoice was routed straight to Accounting Reviewer, the email that is sent to Accounting Reviewer had an incorrect currencyID rather than vendor currencyID. This has been resolved.

CAP-5686 | Missing Approval Delegate Message

An issue was found where the user who is set up as an approval delegate did not see any indication on the home page regarding their delegate status. This has been resolved.

CAP-5846 | Transactions: Unable to open Pending/Processed transactions

An issue was found in the QA environment where users could not open pending or processed transactions in the new dashboard. This has been resolved.

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