Release Notes: April 8, 2022


Dynamically Filter Expense Report GLDs

Certify clients can now filter their expense report custom fields (Expense Report General Ledger Dimensions) based on a previously selected value from another expense report custom field! This enhancement allows for Parent-Child relationships between custom fields, ensuring users are always selecting valid values on their expense reports.

This is ideal for customers who have several relationships between their custom fields, such as Client and Project.


The selection of the Parent value (in this example, the “Client” value) will filter the Child value (in this example, “Project”) to only show values related to the Parent value.

Once enabled, Administrators will be able to create relationships between custom fields by going to Configuration and selecting General Ledger Dimensions


On the General Ledger Dimensions page, Administrators can create relationships between custom fields by using the Filter by field.


In this example, we want the Project custom field to be filtered based on the selection made in the Client field. The Client is the Parent value, and the Project is the Child value.

The Administrator will then open the menu and select Filtering Relationships to create relationships between the Client and Project values.


Administrators will use the page pictured below to manage their filtering relationships.



Administrators will want to list each unique Parent and Child relationship in the text field provided. Only one relationship should be added for each row.

By identifying each unique relationship, Certify will know which Child values to show to a user depending on the Parent value they select.

Administrators can also use the tools provided to download a current list of filters, as well as download current Parent and Child values, to easily create new relationships.

If preferred, the Administrator can manage the relationships in Excel, and upload the file using the file upload option available.


This relationship is saying that the Child value “Big Client Project 1” can only be selected as a Project if the user first selects the Parent value “Big Client” as a Client.

If a client would prefer to manage these relationships outside of Certify, a flat-file sync via SFTP can be configured.

Once the values are saved, end users will see a limited number of Child values after they select their Parent value. Note that the Child value cannot be selected before a Parent value.


Once a Parent value is selected, the user will only see Child values that have a relationship with the Parent value.


Dynamic Filters can be applied only to Expense Report General Ledger Dimensions, and multiple filters can be applied at one time. Custom field 1 can filter custom field 2, and custom field 2 can filter custom field 3, etc.

Clients who implement this feature will see immediate benefits. End users will enjoy an easier experience, having fewer options to sift through when creating their expenses, while Administrators can be assured that valid combinations of values are selected for each expense.

For more information on Dynamic Filtering, please click here



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