AP Release Notes: March 10, 2022



Dashboard Updates

Certify AP has added new options to the transactions on the homepage dashboard to easily allow you to take action on each transaction. Depending on the transaction type and the status, you may see 1 or more of the following options:

  • Add Attachment -- Add attachments to the transaction.
  • Download Fax Sheet -- Download the fax sheet to send an attachment via fax.
  • Delete --Delete the transaction that is in progress.
  • Move to Queue -- Move the invoice from your account to the unassigned queue.

Multiple User Session

Previously, when a Certify Administrator or user with full access to another user account tried to switch to another user and access AP, the original user in AP would be logged out. We have now changed this to support multiple user sessions. This means that multiple users can access the same user account at once without the original user being logged out. 

Project Budget Comparison

Companies with the GL budget or Project budget features, and using the Budget Comparison setting in the Company Preferences, can now track their actual spend vs. project budget during the submission and approval process.

Below is an example screenshot on the Requisition page:

Below is an example screenshot in the Approval Inbox:

Updated EmbursePay Vendor Mapping

We have updated the vendor mapping so that our AP VendorID maps to EmbursePay vendor’s MerchantCode/ReferenceID field. 

Below is the screenshot of the vendor information in Certify AP:

 Below is the screenshot of the vendor detail in EmbursePay:

Line Item Policy Detail (Invoice)

We have added a new line item column called Policy Detail that will show the following data:

  • GL Budget -- The comparison between your GL budget and the actual spend amount based on the Company Preference Budget Comparison setting.
  • Project Budget -- The comparison between your Project budget and the actual spend amount based on the Company Preference Budget Comparison setting.
  • Qty Ordered -- The original ordered quantity of the line item.
  • Previously invoiced -- The invoices previously submitted against the matched PO line item.
  • Open Amount -- The original PO line item amount - total invoiced amount.

This will be visible in the invoice Archives and in the approval inbox.

Invoice Approval Indication

We have added a new modal that will appear upon submitting the transaction. This new modal will display whether your transaction requires approval or not. If it does require approval then it will list out the reasons. Also, it will display the approvers that will need to review the invoice before going to the accounting review stage.

Below is an example of one of the messages that will appear when routing the invoice for approval:

Bug Fix Notes




CAP-5661 | Unable to see Attachment in purchasing api

An issue was found where if the transactions had attachments that were uploaded via Invoice Capture or Fax then the attachment information was not populated in the purchasing API call. This has been resolved.

CAP-5713 | Incorrect Allocation Rounding Calculation

An issue was found on the invoice allocation page where the allocation was calculated incorrectly due to the rounding issue which prevented users from submitting the invoice. This has been resolved.

CAP-5181 | InvoiceCapture: Duplicate Invoice Creation

An issue was found on the invoice capture process, where if the same invoices were processed at once, the duplicate invoices were created. This has been resolved.


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