AP Release Notes: February 11, 2022



Invoice Capture - Ad Hoc Product Type

Previously when a new product is created via Invoice Capture, they are added to an internal catalog which is then stored in your company’s catalog list. From there, only users with “Add/Edit Products” permission can update the product detail.

Now, when the new product is created via Invoice Capture, they are created as an ad-hoc type rather than added to an internal catalog. This allows Invoice Submitters to edit the SKU or description of the line item and gives the option to save the product to an internal catalog if needed. 


Payment Filter - Custom Export Builder

For clients using an external payment method (NACHA, CertifyPayment, B2BPayment), we have added a new filter on the custom export that filters out invoices that have yet to be paid. There are 3 different statuses that you can use:

  • All: This will include all invoices currently pending for export regardless of the payment status.
  • Pending: This will include invoices with pending payment status.
  • Paid: This will include invoices with paid payment status.

New AP Offset - Custom Export Builder

We have introduced a new way to generate an AP Offset in the Custom Export Builder. The AP Offset feature adds an Offset line for a reversing entry against the original line item. Once AP Offset is enabled in company preferences, the new AP Offset sections appear on the custom export template.

An AP Offset section exists for each of the original sections.

You will have the ability to activate AP Offset in one or more sections by clicking the checkbox next to the label.

Expanding the section will give you similar options as the original section. For AP Offset, some values will be exported differently:

  • GL Code defaults to the AP Offset GL from the Company Preferences.
  • Amounts (Distribution Total, Freight Total, Handling Total, Tax Total, Misc Total, Invoice Total, Dept Extended, Local Extended) are reversed. This means that if your original line item is $100 then AP Offset will generate -$100

Data Import Template - Setup Utilities

We have updated the Data Import template to make the upload process easier. From the Setup Utilities page, click the Data Import template to download the most recent version of the data import template.

Updated Columns For Invoice

Certify AP is in the process of updating the line item columns. We have added a new column to display the matched PO and Packing list on the invoice line item. If the invoice line item is matched to PO and/or Packing List then you will see the links under the PO/PL column.

We have also removed the Qty Ordered column and updated the Qty Shipped label to “Qty”.

Bug Fix Notes




CAP-5544 | Transaction can be submitted even when allocation is over 100%

An issue was found when a submitter was able to submit a line item even when the allocation was over 100%. This has been resolved.

CAP-5529 | cXML Punchout Incorrect BillTo

An issue was found where the PO that is sent via punchout method did not have proper BillTo information. This has been resolved.

CAP-5520 | Dashboard.aspx - Display Full Date String

An issue was found where the date string on the new dashboard grid was cutoff for clients using DueDate,PostingDate. This has been resolved.

CAP-5547 | Dashboard.aspx - Selected Filter does not stay highlighted

An issue was found where the selected filter did not stay highlighted on the dashboard when the user switches between the tabs. This has been resolved.

CAP-5586 | Optimize SDK_I_Imports SP

An issue was found where the system was timing out when the AP Admin was trying to upload data up to 20K rows via SetupUtilities. This has been resolved.

CAP-5630 | VendorPhone# Validation Not On PROD

An issue was found where, for clients using EmbursePay, the vendor phone number validation was applied incorrectly in production. This has been resolved.


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