Release Notes: February 11, 2022


Run Accounts Payable Report by Approval Code

We’ve enhanced the Accounts Payable Report to allow users to run the report by specific Approval Codes. Users can enter a single approval code, or multiple approval codes separated by commas. This will return data for the specific expense reports listed.

This is especially helpful for users looking to re-run their Custom Output Files for a limited or specific dataset.

Inquiry Status on Custom Reports

Certify has modified the Status filter on the Custom Report Builder as it pertains to Inquiries. Going forward, if a Custom Report is using the Status filter and the Inquiry filter is selected, the report will return any expense lines currently under Inquiry.

After running the report, the Status column will still display one of four values (Wallet, Draft, Pending, Completed). The Inquiry label will appear in the Action column, denoted as “(Inq)”. This implies that the expense line is currently under Inquiry.

Because of this, it is best practice to include both the Status and Action column in your custom report if you would like to report on Inquiries.

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