Release Notes: February 4, 2022


Recurring Spend Requests

Recurring Spend Requests allow a user to request funds on an Emburse Card that will be reloaded at specific intervals. This allows end-users to request spend only once, and have the funds ready on their Emburse Card when needed, at a duration of their choosing. The recurring spend request feature is great for situations like:

  • Cell phone/internet charges
  • Weekly/monthly work from home allowances
  • Daily/weekly meal spend

Please Note: Your company must be using Emburse Cards to utilize the Recurring Spend Request feature. Learn more about Emburse Cards

Enabling Spend Requests

To get started, Administrators can enable the feature for their users on the Configuration page, under View and Edit Policy

Once enabled, end-users will see the My Spend Requests section on their homepage.

For a brief overview of the Spend Request functionality, be sure to check out our videos on Submitting and Linking Spend Requests and Approving Spend Requests

Submitting a Recurring Spend Request

For customers who have integrated their Emburse Cards with Certify, users will see the new Recurring Spend Request option when creating a new Spend Request.

Please Note: If Recurring is selected, the user must put the funds on a new Virtual Emburse Card. Physical cards are not offered for recurring requests at this time.

When filling out Request Details, users can choose recurring intervals of Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. If approved, funds are disbursed based on the following criteria:

  • Daily -- Funds are replenished seven days a week, by midnight (PST). 
  • Weekly -- Funds are replenished every Monday by midnight (PST).
  • Monthly -- Funds are replenished on the first of the month by midnight (PST).


Unspent funds do not roll over after an interval ends.

Approving a Recurring Spend Request

The  Recurring Spend Request follows the same approval path as expense reports. Recurring Spend Requests will also be routed to an Accountant for final approval before the Emburse Card is issued.

Approvers will be able to review the Recurring Spend Request details, including the start and end dates, as well as the request interval. 

  • The date range indicates how long the card will be active for, and when the user will receive disbursements
  • The interval indicates how often the user will receive the funds
  • The interval amount indicates how much the user will receive during each interval
  • The total requested amount indicates how much the user will receive over the course of the spend request (interval amount multiplied by the number of intervals)

Once approved, the submitter will receive an email with instructions on how to use their virtual card, view the card details, and add to their virtual wallet.


Linking a Recurring Spend Request to an Expense Report

Once approved, the card will be activated based on the date range of the Spend Request. Users will receive their first disbursement on either the Start Date of the Spend Request, or on the date the Spend Request is approved, whichever comes later.

A Recurring Spend Request can be linked to multiple expense reports as needed. As the user continues to submit their recurring transactions, the Approved Spend Request folder will show the user which expense reports are linked to the request.

At the end of the Spend Request lifecycle, the card will automatically be deactivated and the user can archive their Spend Request by opening the request and clicking Archive, which will move the request to the Archived folder.

For more information about Recurring Spend Requests and Emburse Cards, be sure to check out the following resources:

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