Release Notes: January 28, 2022


Import Employee GLD Data in Bulk

Certify Administrators can now make bulk Employee GLD assignments with our Import Employee Data tool. To access this tool, open the Configuration page and click General Ledger Dimensions. Choose the Employee GLD in question, open the menu, and select Import Employee Data.

The tool allows Administrators to assign Employee GLD values, in bulk, to each user record. This is ideal for larger companies that need to assign new GLD values to a large group of employees.

When a new GLD value is created, Administrators will no longer need to manually assign the value to each applicable user record. Simply upload a comma-separated list to apply the changes all at once!


Import Transaction Description to Reason Field - Email Notification Enhancements

Certify has updated the credit card import email notification to always list the transaction’s description, even if the company has disabled the description from importing to the Expense Reason field.

Previously, if a customer had disabled the Import Transaction Description to Reason Field setting, the email notifications sent to users would exclude a transaction description. This made it difficult for employees to understand which transactions were ready for submission, as there was limited context.

Going forward, users will always see the transaction description in their email notifications, even if the company has disabled the  Import Transaction Description to Reason Field setting. This change ensures that your employees will always have context on which transactions are ready for submission, which will decrease the time to reconciliation.


Allowing Clients to Create New API Credentials

New or existing clients who wish to use Certify’s API can now generate API credentials on their own, without contacting a Certify representative.
Certify Administrators can access the API credentials from the Configuration page. From there, select Manage Certify API Key under the System Integrations section. 


Click  Create New Credentials to generate a new set of credentials.
Clients will be allowed to create up to 5 API credentials. Once this limit is reached, the system will inform them that they need to contact a Certify representative to add more or delete existing credentials.



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