New Certify AP Interface - Dashboard Overview


In the next month, Certify AP will transition to a new User Interface (UI) for a more streamlined workflow. The Home, Purchasing Cards, Reporting, Budgeting, and Configuration pages have all been updated to reflect the new interface. As we continue to update our Certify AP site, additional changes and adjustments may be released.

This article shows you, a Certify AP user, how to enable and navigate the new Certify AP Dashboard.  

Enabling the New AP Interface

Until the end of February, Certify AP users will have the ability to turn the new UI on and off.

Step 1: From the Certify AP Home page, open the Account Settings page.

Step 2: Check the box to Enable the new UI/UX, then click Update.


Certify AP Dashboard

Below is the new AP Dashboard for a Certify AP user, located under the Home page. With the new design, some of the links under the Purchasing page and Invoices page have moved to the Home and Configuration pages.



Using the AP Dashboard

1. Approvals

Users with Approval permissions will now see them reflected at the top of the AP Home page.

Click on any Approvals Needed tile to be redirected to your Approval Inbox.

2. Transaction Grid

Depending on a user’s available permissions, the Transaction Grid will show you any submitted Requisitions, Invoices, Packing Lists, Purchase Orders, or Credit Memos. It also displays any submissions that have yet to be submitted.

To sort the list of submissions, click the column header that you wish to sort the list by. To open a submission, click on its Name.

To filter the list of submissions, click one or more filter options:

Use the Search bar in each tab to find the appropriate submissions.

3. Creating New Submissions

To start a new submission, click the Create button.

Select one of the following options from the dropdown menu:

4. Archives, Export & Company Documents

The bottom of the page allows the AP user to access archived submissions and company documentation, as well as manage exports.  

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