AP Release Notes: January 7, 2022


Approval Enhancement

We have added a new company preference that allows approvers to add new line items during the approval process.

As an AP Administrator, visit the AP Company Configuration page and enable "Allow Approvers to add line item".


After enabling the feature, any approvers (including the Accounting Reviewer) can add a new line item during the approval process. 

Once a Requisition Approver clicks on the requisition to view the detail, they can select Add Line Item.

Please Note: This is an upcoming feature, and is not fully implemented for Requisition Approvers.

Fill out any necessary fields and allocate the line item. New line items can be allocated to any department, GL, etc.

Click Save to add the line item.

This new line item product will not be saved as an internal catalog but as an ad-hoc.

With a new line item, the approver will be required to enter approval comments.

If the transaction is rejected, the added line item will also go back to the submitter.

An invoice approver or accounting reviewer will not need to fill out Detail Description, Model #, Manufacturer. The option to add the item to the internal catalog will also appear. 

Please Note: Add this product to the catalog” is an upcoming feature. This will be available in the next release.

Flexible Approval

Certify AP has added a new approval configuration called Flexible Approval, which allows the transaction submitter to select their approver upon submission.

As an AP Administrator, go to the Company Preferences page and enable Flexible Approvals.

Once this is enabled, all the other approval configurations (SAF Approval, User-Based Approval, Category Approver) will be disabled.

As a transaction submitter, click Route. Select the Approver of your transaction in the window that appears. 

Only the users with the appropriate approval permissions will be visible in the dropdown.

Disapproved Transaction Detail

Disapproved transactions are now visible in the header of the transaction creation page. Users can view the disapproval comment, as well as the approver's name. 

User Permission and Roles Report

We have added 3 new data types to the Company Data Report.

  • User Permissions - Returns all users and the permissions assigned to their user account.
  • Roles - Returns all roles and the permissions assigned on the role.
  • User Roles - Returns all users and their assigned roles.

CustomExportBuilder - Footing Totals & Packing List Title

Certify AP has added the Footer Totals in the DetailHeader and DetailFooter in the CustomExportBuilder. Previously this was only available in the Details section of the template.

We have also added the Packing List Title in the DetailHeader, Detail, and DetailFooter in the CustomExportBuilder.

Department Name Increase

We have increased the department name length in Certify AP to be 255 characters. This ensures that the departments between Certify Expense and Certify AP are an exact match.


Bug Fix Notes



Missing Company Logo On Email PO

An issue was found where the company logo was not being included on the PDF attachment of the PO when it was placed via EMAIL. This has been addressed.

SetupUtilities - Unable to view full error rows

An issue was found where AP admins were not able to export a full list of error rows on the SetupUtilities. This has been addressed.

ProjectReport.aspx - SqlException: String or binary data would be truncated

An issue was found where if there were projectname longer than 50 characters then users were not able to run the Project Report by department. This has been addressed.

CDim Restriction - Dept Hierarchy Not fully displayed

An issue was found where departments were not fully displayed on the custom dimension restriction page. This has been addressed.

GLAccounts.aspx : Unable to Edit GL

An issue was found where users were not able to edit the GL on the Set Up GL Accounts page. This has been addressed.

AddEditVendors.aspx : Remove Phone# validation for CPay

An issue was found where vendor Phone# was being required for the Certify Payment method on the vendor profile page. This has been addressed.

BulkUploadRole - Filter out deleted roles

An issue was found where updating the roles via SetupUtilities was not filtering the roles that are marked as deleted and thus updating the incorrect role. This has been addressed.

DeleteObject.aspx - ProjectNumber/ERPID Not Displaying

An issue was found where ProjectNumber and ERPID was not displayed on the DeleteObject page. This has been addressed.

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