Release Notes: January 7, 2022



Import Transaction Description to Reason Field

Companies with a credit card integration can now choose if they want to import the credit card transaction’s description into the Certify Reason field.

This information is supplied by the credit card provider and merchant, and typically includes additional details about the vendor.

This setting is found on the View and Edit Policy page, under the Configuration section.

If this setting is disabled, credit card transactions will continue to import the Date, Amount, and Vendor fields, but the Reason field will remain empty. This allows the end-user to supply a business purpose before submitting the expense.

General Ledger Dimensions - Interface Enhancements


The General Ledger Dimensions configuration page has been updated with a new menu for each custom field. This menu will now house the View and Edit List and Advanced Element Suppression (custom field visibility) feature.

This cosmetic change is being made in preparation for an upcoming feature that will impact the General Ledger Dimensions page.


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