AP Release Notes: December 16, 2021


Invoice Queue Enhancement

Previously the unassigned invoice queue was a company-level queue where users will need to have the Check Invoice permission at the company level which then allows them to view all invoices sitting in the unassigned invoice queue.

We have modified the Check Invoice permission and the unassigned invoice queue so that those permissions and queues can be restricted to any child department level. 

1. Check Permission Update

Check Invoice permission is now available at any department level, not just at the company level.

2. Invoice Queue Update

The Invoice Queue will only show invoices that belong to the BilToDepartment where the user has the Check Invoice permission.

In this example, Liz can view the unassigned invoices with the BillToDepartment set to AccountsPayable since Liz has Check Invoice permission under Accounts Payable.


Liz will also be able to see unassigned invoices with the BillToDepartment set to any sub-department under Accounts Payable as well (Ex: Accounts Receivable).

Delete Projects

As an AP Administrator, we added a new option to delete any projects that have not been used on a transaction. 

Click the Configuration Gear icon, then select Delete Object

Under Delete Objects, a new option for Projects appears. Select the Projects option and click Continue

The page will load the list of all the projects in the order of created date.

Mark the checkbox on any projects that you wish to delete and select Delete.

Bulk Delete Objects

On the Delete Objects page, we added a new checkbox called Select All which will select all the objects that are available to be deleted.


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