Release Notes: December 10, 2021


Emburse Analytics - Invoice Spend Dashboard


For Invoice customers, two new dashboards have been added: Processed Invoice Spend and Unprocessed Invoice Spend. These dashboards can be found in the Certify Invoice folder. Both the expense and invoice dashboards contain a new default filter to show either expense transactions or invoice transactions. To see your total spend, you can adjust the filter on either set of dashboards and include both sets of transactions.

Please Note: The invoice dashboards include transactions from Certify's legacy Invoice application, but not from the Certify AP application. We are actively working on these dashboards and w will have more to share in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the existing Processed Spend and Unprocessed Spend dashboards have been updated to more easily separate out spend for expense reports and invoices.

The default Expense dashboard as been updated with a new Document Type filter to clearly identify expense transactions. The expense dashboards are available in the Certify Expense folder.


Certify Mobile Policy Violation Enhancements


The mobile app policy violations have been enhanced to give the end user more information, specifically around different types of Meal expenses.

Previously, the policy violations on mobile did not differentiate between Meal types, including categories that use non-detailed attendees, and categories that utilize the Daily meal Limit functionality.

Going forward, users will see greater detail in Meal policy violations, providing more context around the violation!

UKG Dimensions Logging Enhancements


An "Email User Records" action has been added to the UKG Dimensions Configuration page. This action will email the administrator a flat file of user records most recently retrieved from the UKG Dimensions application via API.

This user record will be especially useful to administrators looking to verify any data being transferred between the two systems.

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