AP Release Notes: November 19, 2021


New Vendor Payment Method

Certify AP has added a new vendor payment method to the GET Invoice API call. When an AP user pulls their invoice data via Certify AP API, the payment method will be visible on the vendor that was used for the invoice. 

Below shows the Vendor section from the invoice result:

For invoices that have been processed via external payment (ie. Certify Payment, B2B Payment), the Paid flag would show as U (Not Available or Pending Status Update) or Y (Paid Completed). The Vendor Payment Method would be either ExtPaymentElectronic, ExtPaymentCheck, ExtPaymentCard.

This will be added to the Custom Export Builder in the next release.

Updating Project via SetupUtilities

For updating existing projects in Certify AP, use the Project ERPID to look up the project. Once the existing project is found, it will update the Project Name, Number, Active status.

Bug Fix Notes



TransactionHistory.aspx | Unable to view line item detail

There was an issue where users cannot view the invoice line item audit trail on the transaction history report. This has been addressed.

ProjectReport.aspx | BudgetAmount Not Aggregating

There was an issue where on the Project budget report that the budget amount at the parent level did not include the budget amount of the children department when the “Consolidate” option was checked. This has been addressed.

Email Suppression Not Working For IC Invoice

There was an issue where the email suppression on the user setting did not get applied to invoices that are going into the Unassigned Invoice queue so those users with Check Invoice permissions will still receive the notification email. This has been addressed.

Free-Text Custom Dimension Not Carried Over to PO from Req

There was an issue where the free-text value entered on the requisition did not get carried over to the PO. This has been addressed.

BulkUploadRoles | Change BusinessUnit to Department

There was a display issue where for the Role upload in the SetupUtilities, the available field mapping was showing BusinessUnit rather than Department. This has been addressed.


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