AP Release Notes: November 9, 2021


Bulk Upload Roles/UserRoles - SetupUtilities

Certify AP has added some new import types to the SetupUtilities & Data Import Utility that allows administrators to upload the roles and insert users to the roles in bulk. 

The SetupUtilities page has the following new import types:

1. Roles are used to add/update user roles to your Certify departments.

Below is an example of the template for the Roles import. This is similar to the User Permissions template, though the Role (ie. RoleName), Department/ERPID (the department that you wish to add the role to), and Active status will need to be defined.

Few things to note when uploading the Roles:

  • Department must exists
  • Department must be unique
  • Department must be active

2. UserRoles: This is used to add the users to the roles that exist in your certify departments.

Below is an example of the template for the UserRoles import. In the template, the User Email Address, Department/ERPID (the department that the role is located), and Role (ie. RoleName) will need to be defined.

Few things to note when uploading the UserRoles:

  • User must exist
  • User must be active
  • User must not be in the role already
  • Department must exist, active and unique
  • Role must exist, active and unique

Bulk Upload Dept/Project Restrictions - SetupUtility

In SetupUtilities, Certify AP has added another import type called Dept/Project Restrictions, which allows you to bulk import project restrictions. This can be used to associate the projects to the departments. 

Below shows the template for uploading the project restrictions.

Please Note: This template is used only when a project not already associated with the department needs to be associated. This is not to remove any associated projects.

Search field - Custom Dimensions

In the Custom Dimension list page, Certify AP has added a search functionality that allows users to easily search for the custom dimension list value.

Click search to return any dimension list that contains the search value in the Code or Name.

Incremental Data Field - Custom Export Builder

We added a new Data Field called Line Item Number to the Custom Export Builder. This will output an incremental integer value of the line items in the export file.

Vendor Field Requirement

Certify AP has modified the requirement for the vendor phone number and notification email field to only make it required if the company is using B2BPayment and the vendor's payment method is set to Payments - by electronic. 


Bug Fix Notes




InvoiceCapture | Dept Not Carried From PO

There was an issue where if the invoice that was created from invoiceCapture and the line item is matched to the PO in Certify, the invoice line item was allocated to the root department rather than what it was allocated on the PO. This has been fixed.

ManagerApprovalsConfig.aspx | UBA can be added multiple times

There was an issue where AP administrators can add the same approver multiple times to the User-Based Approvals. This has been fixed.

TransactionsReport.aspx | Invoice Result Not Showing Properly

There was an issue where, companies not using Billable Invoice Flag, when they export the Transactions Report to excel, the Total column value was showing the Billable Invoice Flag status rather than the invoice total amount. This has been fixed.

Custom Dimensions | Unable to change CD to Required

There was an issue on the Custom Dimension where you were not able to set the custom dimension as Required. This has been fixed.


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