Release Notes: October 29, 2021


ReportExecutive Stability Enhancements


To help handle the increased volume we’ve seen using ReportExecutive recently, we’ve rebuilt ReportExecutive from the ground up, ensuring it will be ready to handle the increased report requests as Certify continues to grow.

As part of this rebuild, Administrators and users can expect improved consistency and reliability, and will start to notice that their automatically created expense reports are ready earlier in the day (in most cases, before they even start their day!)

All ReportExecutive functionality remains the same, with one exception. Instead of emailing Administrators with company-wide ReportExecutive progress updates, we’ve added the updates to the ReportExecutive configuration page.

If an Administrator wants to check on ReportExecutive progress, they can open Configuration and select Certify ReportExecutive. A new section, Build and Notification Summary, will alert Administrators to the number of expense reports built and the number of users notified, and when.


This enhanced functionality is currently rolling out in phases to all customers. The rollout will finish next week.

Users and Administrators will see no disruption of service during the rollout, with the only change appearing on the ReportExecutive Configuration page.

Certify Payments - Line Item Invoices of Completed Payments


Clients utilizing Certify Payments through Western Union will now enjoy a more detailed line item invoice, outlining recent payments and to whom they were sent. This invoice replaces the summary invoice that was previously included on the Western Union Payment Batches report.

The new invoice will include

  • Payments broken out by Expense Report/Vendor Invoice
  • Individual Batch and Payment ID’s
  • Beneficiary (Payee) information
  • Individual Reimbursement amount

The Western Union Payment Batches report is available under Reporting.


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