AP Release Notes: October 15, 2021


Billable Invoice Flag

We have introduced a new company preference setting called, Billable Invoice Flag that allows you to mark invoices as billable or non-billable.

To enable the Billable Invoice Flag, open the Company Preferences page. In the General Controls section, check the Enable Billable Invoice Flag box.


After the preference is enabled, invoice submitters will now see a Billable checkbox appear in the Invoice Header.


Log in as an approver to add the Billable flag column to your approval inbox.mceclip2.png

When reviewing the invoice detail, approvers can also edit the Billable flag if needed.


The Billable Invoice Flag is visible on the following pages:

  • Manage Invoices
  • Invoice Archives
  • Transactions Report
  • Transaction History Report
  • Company Data Report
  • Invoice Status Report

Below are a few upcoming functionalities for the Billable Invoice Flag:

  • Export billable flag (Y or N) in the CustomExportBuilder
  • Return/Update billable flag via certify ap API

Company Data Export

Certify AP Administrators can request a Company Data Export to export all stored data from our database, along with any attachments. One .csv file will be created per every database table in our system, which includes all relevant data. Attachments will all be exported as their original file types (PDF, JPG, etc) and will be named by their AttachmentID.

Before requesting the export, the administrator needs to generate FTP Credentials if they have not done so already. 

Our current export sync runs every Friday night. Requests submitted earlier in the week will be added to the Friday night export.

To request a company data export, log in as the Certify AP Administrator. Open the AP Configuration page and click Company Data Export under the department hierarchy tree.



Check the box to Agree to the terms and conditions. To include attachments, check the Include Attachments checkbox, then click Submit Request.


Once submitted, the export status can be tracked from the Data Export Request page.


An email will be sent when the export is complete. 


On the company's FTP,  locate and download the /dataexport directory for the file.


Please Note: The AP Administrator must wait 7 days after requesting an export before a new request can be submitted.

To export the data incrementally, please submit a request to purchasingsupport@certify.com. With an incremental export, every export will contain only the data since the last export. 

Bug Fix Notes



InvoiceCapture - Data Field Not Carried From PO

There was an issue for InvoiceCapture where if the invoice was created from InvoiceCapture and the line items were matched with PO, the project and custom dimension value did not get carried over to the invoice. This has been addressed.


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