AP Release Notes: September 24, 2021


New Feature - Project Budgets

We are excited to announce Project Budgets, a new feature which allows companies to upload their budget to the project level rather than at the GL level. We have also updated the existing budget phrasing to GL Budget so users are not confused at which budgets they are looking at.

As a user with access to the Budgeting tab, there will be a new link named Project Budgets.


This opens the Project Budget page.


Managing Project Budget works the same as the GL Budget. You can define your project budget amount on each department and project level by clicking on the edit icon next to the Total amount.

Project Budget- Adding Reports

During the approval process, an AP Approver can add a Project Report when reviewing the transaction in the detail page. 


The approver then enters the date to run the report by and clicks Run Report.


In addition, we modified the existing Project Report under the Reporting tab to include project budgets, giving a comparison of project spend vs. budget amount.




Your company can upload the project budget via SetupUtilties or DataImportUtilities. To upload your project budget, please reach out to the CertifyAP Support Team to update your department values.

Once this is done then you can prepare your project budget file. Similar to GL Budget upload, you will need to follow a specific FullAccountNumber format: DeptCode-ProjectERPID


Within the SetupUtilities import type, you will find a new Project Budgets import type.


Finally, we have updating the existing funcionality from Budgets to GL Budgets to prevent any confusion. 

Existing examples of functionality updates are shown in the following places:

Budgeting Tab


Reporting Tab


Company Preferences Page


Custom Dimension Enhancement

We have added a display view link for the custom dimensions field that allows submitters to change the dropdown list view. This is similar to other existing default fields such as Department, GL, Project.


You can change the dropdown list view by selecting any of the following options


The dropdown list values will also be sorted according to the selected view.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-5021 | Unable to complete invoice export and DIU from FTP

There was an issue for InvoiceCapture and Data import Utility where some of the data was not being processed. This has been addressed and now the files are processed accordingly.

CAP-4957 | ExportInvoices : Error “Status Code: 200” appears on empty export file

There was an issue on the export invoice page that if there was nothing to export and the user tried to click Export, the internal error code 200 was showing. This has been addressed and no longer shown on the page.



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