AP Release Notes: September 13, 2021


Custom Dimension Enhancement 

We have added an export option to the Custom Dimension feature that allows you to export the current list of Custom Dimension List Items. From the Custom Dimension List page, select Export to Microsoft Excel.


When the excel file opens, you will see your list and the active status of each value.


Project Budget 

Certify AP will soon release a new feature called Project Budgets. This feature allows clients to upload and track project budgets against the projects, rather than tracking with GL accounts. This feature will be released towards the end of October. 

Users with access to the Budgeting tab will have access to the Configure/View Project Budgets link. 


This opens a new page where users can configure their Project Budgets.


Similar to the current GL Budget feature, you will be able to edit each budget amount from this page or upload the budget via SetupUtilties

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4925 | Invoice Capture : Root Department Not Appearing in the MCL File

There was an issue where the root-level department was not appearing on the MasterClientList that we share with our scanning vendor which caused some processing issues. This has been resolved.

CAP-4941 | ApprovalInbox : Client Cannot Approve/Disapprove Transactions With Large Number of Line Items

There was an issue where you cannot approve/disapprove transactions with a large number of line items (for example, 700 line items). We have increased the timeout limit and it is now resolved. You will need to wait for the application to process the action.

CAP-4960 | Vendor Notification Email Being Required For Non-Payment Method

There was an issue where if B2BPayment was enabled, the vendor notification email field was required even for the non-payment method. This has been resolved.

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