AP Release Notes: August 27, 2021


Bulk GL Restriction Upload

If GL Restriction is enabled in Company Preferences, your Certify AP Administrator now has the ability to bulk upload the GL association via Setup Utilities

To bulk upload GL associations, first prepare your upload template on Excel.


On the Setup Utilities page, click Start import. Under Import Type, select Dept/GL Restriction.



From there, follow the import process to associate the GLs to departments in bulk.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4731 | InvoiceEntry.aspx : Incorrect GL on Matched Invoice via InvoiceCapture

There was an issue where if the invoice was created via InvoiceCapture and the invoice line items were matched to PO/PL, the GL that was allocated on PO did not copy over on the invoice. This has been addressed.

CAP-4875 | SetupUtilties : Remove Vendor Duplicate Check

The vendors with the same address could not be uploaded via SetupUtilties. This has been addressed so you can now upload vendors with the same address.

CAP-4883 | CompanyDataExport.aspx | Missing Some Columns for Vendors & Products

The Company Data Report for Vendors and Products had some columns missing in the report. We have added the columns to match the Certify AP Setup template.


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