AP Release Notes: August 19, 2021


B2B Payments

B2B Payments is a new feature that enables Certify AP clients to process and pay their vendors via our EmbursePay platform. To get started, the Certify AP Administrator will contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM) to begin the implementation process. Once the implementation process is complete, the Certify AP Administrator can begin configuring B2B Payments for their company in Certify AP.

To activate B2B Payments in Certify AP, the Certify AP Administrator must visit the Company Preferences tab on the Configuration page, and set the Invoice Payment Setting to B2B Payments.


Please Note: The Certify AP Administrator will need to assign the Accounting Review permission to the users that will be processing the invoices to the EmbursePay portal

Next, users with the Add/Edit Vendors permission will need to update the vendor payment method to  B2B Payments


Please Note: The vendor Phone Number and Notification fields are required for all methods.


Click Save to update the vendor information.

After reviewing an invoice, the Accounting Reviewer can now select Process and Pay to push an invoice to B2B Payments.


The Accounting Reviewer will see a new main menu tab, B2B Payments. If they are also set up as a Treasurer on the Certify Expense side then they will be able to access the EmbursePay portal.


Custom Dimension Requirement

A new setting has been added to the Custom Dimension page that allows you to require the custom dimension field when submitting a requisition or invoice. To require a custom dimension field, navigate to the Custom Dimension page and click the Require button.


To disable the field requirement, select the Not require button. Once a custom dimension field is marked as required, the users will need to select a field value.

On the transaction page, the required field is indicated by an asterisk.


Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4906 | GET Orders API Call Taking Too Long With Size

There was an issue with GET Orders API where the api call was timing out when the parameter, Size (of a certain number) was used. This has been resolved.


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