AP Release Notes: August 13, 2021


Multiple Invoice Capture Emails

This new feature allows your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Specialist to set up unique invoice capture emails for each department indicated as Bill To


New Company Preference -Require GL

We have added a new setting to the Company Preferences page called Require GL. This requires requisition submitters to select a General Ledger (GL) for each line item when they are submitting a requisition.


Once enabled, if the requisition submitter tries to submit the requisition without selecting a GL on each line item they will see the following error message above the requisition header:


Enter Invoice Queue Sorting

As an Invoice submitter, you now have the ability to sort the invoices on the Submit Invoice page by either Invoice Number, Vendor, Invoice Date or Amount.


Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4773 | Unable to see the full list of Depts

There was an issue on the Dept/Vendor Restriction page where some departments did not appear in the hierarchy. This has been resolved.

CAP-4728 | Fix Behaviour of Add and Close links/column headers

There was an issue when adding a packing list to the invoice, Add & Close link will select everything on the page rather than selecting only that packing list. This has been resolved.

CAP-4712 | DIU : Load Map button disappear when user do the import second time

There was an issue where the Load Map button for the Data Import Utility set up process disappeared when you try to do another import. This has been resolved.

CAP-2871 | CDims Need to Display Name and Code in the Dropdown

When creating the transaction, the Custom Dimension dropdown was only showing dimension value, not the code. This has been resolved.

CAP-4727 | Add in Select All Link on Close text

We added a link option on the packing list page to be able to select all PO items when adding it to the packing list.

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