Release Notes: August 6, 2021


Advanced Element Suppression


In an effort to promote self-service, as well as empowering our Administrators, we’ve opened the Advanced Element Suppression feature for all new and existing clients. Going forward, all Administrators will have access to this feature by default, and will be able to configure their GLD visibility without assistance from our Customer Success Team.

Please note, some clients may already have had access to this feature, through a company specific setting. Clients who already had access will not see a change in service.

Advanced Element Suppression is a feature that allows a General Ledger Dimension to appear and be required for certain expense categories. For example, an equipment rental company may need to require a "truck number" field to appear for relevant expenses, like Mileage, but not other irrelevant expenses, such as Meals.

For more information on Advanced Element Suppression, and how a client can configure this, please check out our Help Center article!

Product Spotlight


We’ve added a Product Spotlight card to the homepage for all Accountant users in Certify. The goal of the Product Spotlight card is to bring awareness to new, high value features in Certify that can enhance the user experience.

To start, the Product Spotlight is focusing on Emburse Analytics. Be sure to check the Product Spotlight card frequently, as we plan to share more information about features that can make a big impact on your spend management processes!

Emburse Analytics Access Point from Reporting Page


To make things easier for our Accountants, we’ve added an access point for Emburse Analytics on the Certify Reporting page.

Clicking this link will send the user to their Emburse Analytics account. Users can continue to access Emburse Analytics by clicking Analytics from the App Switcher if they choose.

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