Release Notes: July 30, 2021


Emburse Analytics - Unprocessed Spend Dashboard


The Unprocessed Spend dashboard eliminates the manual process involved in running detailed reports, and allows you to interactively manage all outstanding or unprocessed spend. This dashboard improves expense report processing times and highlights areas of need by giving visibility to aging spend by status and focusing on the Submitters and Approvers providing the most impact. 


This dashboard can replace any manual reporting efforts involved in answering organizational questions or analysis related to spend that is not yet processed, including end-of-month accrual reporting. 


Clients that upgrade to Emburse Analytics Pro will experience the full power of this dashboard, which allows them to customize and send the dashboard to other users on a set schedule. Additionally, our Insight Advisor service can assist clients with dashboard customization.


To access the dashboard, Accountants can select Emburse Analytics from the Top Navigation menu.




Once inside the Analytics application, select Emburse Analytics >  Certify Expense > Unprocessed Spend.


Users analyze each widget by opening the menu and selecting Explore, Download, or View Look.


Hovering over the Information Icon provides the user with additional information about the widget, and how the data is organized.


Drilling into the widget provides additional detail, as well as more options to customize your data.


For more information about this dashboard, and all things Emburse Analytics, be sure to check out the Emburse Analytics Help Center.



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