Release Notes: July 23, 2021


Advanced Element Suppression Updates

Adjustments have been made to the Advanced Element Suppression page to give administrators more control over their GLD configuration. For more information about the Advanced Element Suppression feature, please see our Help Center article.

Advanced Element Suppression for a specific GLD can be accessed by going to Configuration and selecting General Ledger Dimensions.


After opening the Advanced Element Suppression page, administrators will see a brand new Expense Report Creation Visibility toggle. 


This controls whether the GLD will be seen when a user is creating an expense report.


Additional help text is included to assist administrators in understanding the relationship between the GLD’s expense line visibility and the exceptions to that rule.


Custom Report Builder - Accountant Field Changes


Modifications have been made to the Report Accountant column in the Custom Report Builder.  The column will continue to return the user who processed the expense line or expense report, however, we’ve linked together several username variations into a single field.


To add the accountant to their custom report, a report creator only needs to search for Report Accountant when creating the report. The report creator then can choose the name format they want to include in their report.




Name Format

What Appears on the Custom Report

First Last (Email Address)

Andrew Accountant (

First Last

Andrew Accountant

Last, First

Accountant, Andrew


Employee ID




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