AP Release Notes: July 18, 2021


Bug Fix Notes

CAP-4646 | ACH Failure Email Not Sending: We noticed that some clients did not receive the failure email notification for ACH invoice transactions. This has been corrected and all clients are receiving the failure emails.

CAP-4766 | EE: Invoice: Irrelevant message is displayed after clicking Approve button: When the invoice was allocated to multiple departments that had the same approver, the approver would receive an approval email for each of the allocations. This has been corrected and now the approver would only receive one email that includes all the details on what they need to approve.

CAP-3827 | CreateInvoice.aspx - Invoice Section View is Getting Cut Off: For a user that did not have access to the Unassigned Invoice queue, when they went to submit a new invoice and they didn't have any invoices in-Progress, the message in the Invoice Section below was cut off. This is now corrected and they will see the proper message on the page.

CAP-4756 | Part 1 - CDE - Service Integration: The Company Data Export service was not working properly. Part of the work has been completed for this fix.

CAP-4735 | Reports/ChangeHistory.aspx: String or Binary Data Will be Truncated: On the Change History page, the page to review the change log did not load properly if the change happened more than 15 times. This is now corrected.

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