Release Notes: July 6, 2021


Expense Report Header UX Enhancements


Adjustments have been made to the user experience when editing an expense report's header details.

Previously, users would have to click a "floppy disk" icon to save any changes made to the report header. This icon caused confusion among users.


In an effort to streamline this experience and reduce user confusion, we’ve replaced the confusing “floppy disk” icon with a much more pronounced Save button.

Users will still see the familiar edit icon to make changes to the report header.


Clicking the edit icon will allow the user to make the necessary changes, before they click save and return to editing the expense report details.


QuickBooks Sync Folder Improvements


Previously, when a company would enable the QuickBooks Online integration, they would see two “QuickBooks Sync” folders on their homepage. One for QuickBooks Online, and another for QuickBooks Desktop. Of course, the QuickBooks Desktop Sync was of no use to the client, since they are using the online, cloud based version.

To avoid confusion, and to create a more streamlined process, we’ve removed the QuickBooks Sync folder when a company enables the QuickBooks Online integration.


Additionally, clients can now enable the QuickBooks Online integration without intervention from a Certify representative. Administrators can navigate to Configuration and select Configure Accounts Payable. QuickBooks Online will be an option in the dropdown.


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