Requesting Emburse Cards through Spend Requests



Certify's Pre-Approval feature enables end-users to budget for an expense before the spend occurs. When creating a Spend Request, Physical or Virtual Emburse Cards can be requested, approved, and funds issued to the user. The funds can then be used towards budgeted expenses. 

This article shows you, a Certify User, how to request an Emburse Card through a Spend Request.

Step 1: On the Certify homepage, select New Spend Request.


Step 2: Enter the Request Name, Date Range, Description, and Request Type.


The date range should correspond to when you expect to spend the requested funds.

Step 3: Select Yes if you need funds added to an Emburse Card.


Step 4: Choose between a new Virtual Card, a new Physical Card, or an Existing Card. Then click Next.


To receive a Physical Card you will be required to enter a Shipping Address. 


Step 5: On an Itemized Spend Request, check the box to specify which line items should be included on your Emburse Card.


Step 6: Line items added to your Emburse Card will display a card icon in the Amount field.


Step 7: When the Spend Request is complete, click Submit Request.


Spend Request submitters will be issued an Emburse Card once the spend request is approved. Depending on the card type, it could take a few days to arrive:

  • Physical Card – The card will be shipped to your address in 3-5 business days.
  • Virtual Card – An email will be sent containing instructions on how to view and activate the card.


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