AP Release Notes: June 15, 2021


Data Import Utility (DIU)

Testing is continuing and is promising for finishing up the new Data Import Utility. We detailed the DIU in our last release notes which can be viewed here:

Certify AP Release Notes June 7th, 2021

One note is that we have removed the Budgets by Department upload as it was creating issues that would take longer than we have resources allocated to complete. The normal Budgets upload is included and that is typically the upload that all companies use. The Budgets by Department upload is for very targeted changes and the Budgets upload encompasses all the functionality in it as well.

Bulk Upload SAF (BUS)

We are now in testing on the new Bulk Upload SAF took for internal use. The new tool will reside as all internal administrator functions on our Admin Site.


Once logged in and the internal administrator clicks on the link they are presented with a very simple upload document page. 


The internal administrator then navigates to the file to be uploaded and then clicks the Upload button.

At that point the file will be consumed by the tool and the data will populate the SAFs for the chosen company. Any successful uploaded rows will be inserted and any rows with issues will be returned in the display with the reason why they are problematic.

The new tool will accept CSV files for upload and will use a template that is closely aligned with the below image:


We will make use of the department ERPIDs to align to which department to upload the SAF for. We will make use of a single letter to identify the Requisitions (R) SAF or the Invoices (I) SAF. The approver’s email will be used to check that the user is properly permissioned and available to be added to the SAF for the chosen department. Last, we will have columns for the in budget and over budget amounts that SAFs require as well as a character to identify No Limit approvers for the root/company level department, Y or N.

As mentioned above any problem rows will be returned to the page to alert the internal administrator. Issues that could possibly arise could be, but are not limited to:

  • Dept has duplicate ERPID as another
  • Dept not active
  • User does not exist
  • User not active
  • User does not have proper approval permission 
  • User already an approver in the department or a parent/child department
  • Invalid data in file, such as a 1 when we are expecting a Y

Custom Dimensions Pagination

We have added pagination to the Custom Dimensions list elements pages. Since we increased the limit from 1,000 to 10,000 list elements for each dimension, clients were experiencing some sub-par page load responsiveness issues. Now when the pages are loaded we paginate the results automatically to prevent page response issues and allow clients to page through the results with each.


Requisition Bill To Address Functionality

A correction was made to the Bill To Address functionality in the Enter and Finalize Requisition pages. Previously the Bill To Address was always set to the root/company level department address. This was problematic for companies making use of the Bill To This Department preference where they expect the Bill To Address to reflect a child department address instead of the root department. Now for any requisition that contains lines that are allocated solely to a department or it’s children where the Bill to this Department feature is enabled, they will see that address in the Bill To Address section on the Requisition header. For any requisitions where lines are allocated to multiple departments where they have different Bill To Addresses we climb the department hierarchy to find the nearest common parent and then use that address for the Bill To Address.

Setup Utilities Changes

We’ve made some minor changes to the preparation pages for the Setup Utilities. We’ve changed the previous instructional document to a link to the Help Center article so we may keep it up to date more readily. We’ve also updated the the Setup Template with a newer version that incorporates some additional tabs and columns that were previously missing.


Company Data Export

We are aware of an issue preventing the use of the Company Data Export available in the Configuration module. The feature needs repairs that are not insignificant and will be done over several sprints. We have finished our assessment of that work and have the stories that will need to be completed over the next several sprints prepared and will be updating in each sprint as we release the fixes.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4615 | EnterReq.aspx : Enter a Valid quantity

An issue was found in Chromium based browsers where quantities were not being calculated correctly on the Enter Requisition page. While that didn’t prevent adding the items or updating the quantities in Finalize Requisition it was still problematic. This has been corrected.

CAP-4626 | ImportBuilderStep2.aspx : Timeout and Performance Issues wMoving from Step 2 to Step 3 in Vendor Upload/Setup Util

An issue was found in the Setup Utilities for the vendors upload where uploads were timing out for even moderate list sizes. This has been corrected.


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