Release Notes: June 11, 2021


Streamlined Experience for Emburse Card Clients


Clients who have connected an Emburse Card program to their Certify account will now enjoy a single sign-on between the two applications! Users will now see a "Cards" option in the app-switcher, which will automatically authenticate the user into their Emburse Cards portal.

Once inside the Cards application, users will be able to view their card details, view their transactions, and update their personal settings.

Administrators will enjoy the same experience, where they can manage their company's Emburse Card policies.

This SSO further tightens our integration with Emburse Cards, making it that much easier for users to navigate between the two systems.

API Receipt Import for AmTrav Purchases


We've replaced our legacy, email-based AmTrav receipt import with an API receipt import, which offers higher quality data and additional data points. Through the integration, we will be receiving almost every required data point for travel expenses. All the user will need to select is the expense category, and the receipt will be ready for submission!

Additionally, AmTrav travelers can now define who should receive their travel receipts in Certify. Perhaps a traveler is using their manager's corporate card to purchase airfare. With AmTrav's new enhancement, the traveler can specify that the receipt should be imported to the manager's wallet.

For more information, check out AmTrav's Help Center Article.


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