Release Notes: June 4, 2021


Custom Report Builder Sort Order


Changes have been made to the default sort order of records when running a custom report. Going forward, we will first try to sort the records by Expense Date, if that column is included in the report. If that is not present, we will attempt to sort the records by Processed Date (again, if that column is present in the report).

If neither of those columns are present, we will sort the report by the create date of the expense or expense report records, depending on the type of report the user created.

Resending Welcome Emails

Previously, Administrators could only resend welcome emails to users who had not yet received said email, by going to View and Edit Users and filtering by "Welcome Email Not Sent".

We've added some flexibility for our Administrators, who can now resend welcome emails to any groups of users, regardless of whether or not the users have already received a welcome mail.

Admins can use the View and Edit Users page to filter their user list by whichever parameters they prefer.


Regardless of the parameters they select, they will now see the Resend Welcome Email button on the following page.



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