AP Release Notes: June 7, 2021


Data Import Utility (DIU) - Pending Full Release

The majority of the new components for the upcoming release of the new Data Import Utility (DIU) have been released behind a feature flag. Upon the upcoming release of the first component will be the new Company Preference added in the Configuration section.


This will allow clients to enter an email address or addresses that the notification can be sent to and alerts those using the new Data Import Utility to import master data sets automatically. Clients may choose from no emails (None), all emails (All), or just Success or Failure emails for imports as they are processed.

The next set of changes will be in the current Setup Utilities accessible from the Configuration module. We have added in new buttons (Quick Map, Set Automated Map) and explanations that allow administrators to set a mapping that is used when files are processed through automation via SFTP.


Lastly, new SFTP directories have been added that allow for each of the master data objects that we will automatically import into the application when files are received from clients. These can be viewed on the Manage FTP page.


Using the above set of SFTP directories clients may upload files via automation on their end of any of the master data objects. Immediately upon receipt of an ew file we will automatically process the data in the file using the saved automated map in the Setup Utility and the data will be processed into the application. Rows containing new data will result in inserts of new object values. Rows containing already existing data with changes will result in updates to already saved object values. After processing of the file contents is completed an email will be triggered to the address(es) saved in the Company Preferences containing the success and failure rows and any reasons for failure.

Accounting Reviewer Lock

A new Company Preference has been created that allows administrators to lock down the export of invoices to the Accounting Reviewer that commits the accounting review/final approval of an invoice. This prevents other Accounting Reviewers from exporting data that should not. This is very useful when invoice exports need to be separated due to multiple legal entities under a single instance parent company and other scenarios.


Admin Site - Clear Test Transactions

A new feature has been added to our internal Admin Site. There is a new option under the Company Settings main menu option for Delete All Transactions. This tool is available to Admin Site users listed as Site Administrators and allows the deletion of all transactional data from a company that is completing implementation and needs test data cleaned up. 


Bug Fix Notes



CAP-4211 | AutoReminder Email/Autoescalation Not Working - Ticket 1 of 3 - CRON Job Work

The Auto-Escalation service was not working properly and needed repair. This has been completed and now transactions are escalating as necc. as well as emails are being sent.

CAP-4594 | CentralOrdering.aspx : Incorrect Currency Conversion On Edited Req

There was a currency display issue on the central ordering page when editing of approved requisition items was committed. This has been corrected.

CAP-3577 | Configuration : Department Preferences : Can't Activate Bill to this Dept

There was a defect that was causing an error to be thrown when Bill to Dept was used in Department Preferences. This has been corrected.

CAP-4565 | EE : Email Not Suppressing For AutoReminder/AutoEscalation Email

With the repair of the Auto-Escalation service it was noted that emails from the service were not obeying the email suppression option on the user object. This has been corrected.

CAP-4550 | CentralOrdering.aspx : Unable To View Order Checkbox For Long Product Description

An issue was found with products not displaying properly and allowing ordering that had extremely long product descriptions. This has been corrected.

CAP-4266 | CompanyDataReport.aspx: Incorrect Quantity for Req and Inv

An issue was found in the Company Data Report in the calculation of values for quantity concerning requisitions and invoices. This has been corrected.

CAP-4429 | InvoiceEntry.aspx : Dimensions Area Always Displays

It was noted that in companies not making use of the Custom Dimensions feature the area still displayed in the invoice submission page. This has been corrected.

CAP-4540 | InvoiceStatusReport.aspx - Invoice Not Showing Correctly

An issue was found where invoice carts were not displaying properly as invoices in progress in the Invoice Status Report. This has been corrected.

CAP-4527 | PO.aspx : Incorrect Number of Decimal/Thousands Conversion

An issue was found regarding the number of significant digits displayed in decimal conversion on the PO page. This has been corrected.

CAP-2928 | ViewTransactions.aspx - PO Link Not Directing the user to correct page

An issue was found in the View PO link for POs imported on the view transaction page. This has been corrected.

CAP-4159 | Invoice Capture: Not obeying invoice number character limits when Allow Duplicate Invoice Number setting is turned on.

An issue was found in invoice imported via Invoice Capture where the number of characters in the invoice number were not being obeyed when combined with duplication invoice number detection. This has been corrected.

CAP-4580 | Invoice Line Item Not Routing To Invoice Approval Chain

An issue was found where invoices that had at least one PO/PL matched item and then subsequent unmatched items added were not routing for SAF approval as they should. This has been corrected.

CAP-4387 | POI: Receiving Report - Unable to see receiving details for imported orders

An issue was found in the Receiving Report where any details received on imported POs were not displaying correctly. This has been corrected.

CAP-4570 | SAF.aspx : Inactive Approver Is Still Showing

An issue was found where deactivated approvers were still displaying in the SAF chains just in the display. This has been corrected.

CAP-4581 | Setup Utilities: Unable to import Users and Permissions

An issue was found in the Setup Utilities preventing the import of Users & Permissions. This has been corrected.

CAP-4541 | SetupUtilities:Vendor:Error occurs when you import vendors with wrong A/P Vendor ID value.

An issue was found where the duplicate vendor and address detection in the Setup Utilities was not erroring out properly and informing the administrators performing the import. This has been corrected.


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