Release Notes: November 6, 2020


Size Restriction Adjustments to Email and Uploaded Receipts


As Certify migrates to Emburse Receipt Transcription as our OCR provider, we needed to adjust the maximum file size for emailed and uploaded receipts. Going forward, the following file size limits will be enforced:

  • Emailed receipts - 6mb
  • Uploaded receipts - 6mb

Receipts from Certify Mobile will also be limited to 6mb, however the Certify Mobile app automatically resizes any receipt to be well under this limit.

This change is required in large part because of the restrictions Amazon Web Services places on image file size.

Users attempting to upload large files will receive an error message, along with the offending receipt filenames.

Please Note: Users can still upload multiple receipts at once, provided they are under the 6mb per receipt limit. There is still a 10mb limit for users attempting to upload multiple receipts at once.

For emailed receipts, users will receive an automated reply if they attempt to email receipts to or which are larger than 6mb.


Potential Duplicate Policy Flag Enhancement


We’ve made changes to the Potential Duplicate Flag for expenses which have their converted amount adjusted manually by a user.

Previously, the potential duplicate logic would compare expenses and flag expenses only if the dates and converted amounts matched.

Now that users are able to adjust Certify’s currency conversions, it is possible that two expenses could share the same expense date and original amount, but have different converted amounts. This, of course, would not have been flagged as a potential duplicate.

With this scenario in mind, we’ve adjusted the potential duplicate warning to look at an expense’s Original Amount (amount prior to conversion) and compare that value with other expenses’ Original Amount, when the expense’s converted amount has been adjusted.


Using the two expenses above as an example, the second expense was adjusted from 53.20 USD to 53.21 USD. Because this expense was manually adjusted, we are looking at its original amount (45.00 EUR) and comparing that to the other expense’s original amount. Because the first expense in this report has the same original amount (45.00 EUR) and the same date, they flagged as potential duplicates.


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