Retracting a Packing List


Packing List is a document describing the items included in a package: their quantity, their weight, and other relevant information. Packing Lists are created by vendors, but your company might create a packing list when you receive the package. Creating packing lists will help your company keep track of the products received.

This article will show you how to retract a packing list.

Step 1: On your Certify AP homepage, click the Purchasing tab.


Step 2: In the Packing Lists box, click Manage Packing Lists.


Step 3: Enter your search terms and click Search.


Step 4: The packing lists that match your search terms will appear. Click Retract next to the correct packing list.


Step 5: Click the checkbox next to the items in the packing list you would like to retract. These items will be voided and the purchase order items will be reopened.


Step 6: Enter a comment about the retraction and click Retract Packing List.


Step 7: You will receive a message that the transaction was successful.




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