Approving and Disapproving Spend Requests


Certify's Spend Request feature enables end-users to budget for an expense before the spend occurs. Once the Spend Request is submitted, a Manager can see the expected costs for specific projects, trips, or people, providing opportunities for increased spend management. 

Once a Spend Request has been submitted, the Manager can review the expected costs and approve of deny the request.

This article shows you, a Certify Manager, how to approve and disapprove a Spend Request.

Spend Requests and Expense Reports follow the same initial Approval Workflow. Though once a request is approved by all Approvers in the workflow, it is returned to the submitter's Approved Spend Requests folder rather than being moved along to the Accountant.

Approving a Spend Request

Step 1: Open Approval Requests on your Certify homepage.


Step 2: Once the Approval Requests page opens, select a Spend Request to view.


Step 3: After the request opens, click the arrow (>) under the Details or Reason columns to see more information about the Spend Request Items.


Step 4: Once the Items have been reviewed, select the Approve button for each line. To approve all Items at once, click the Approval All button.


Step 5: When an Item is approved, a green checkmark will appear in the Status column. Click Complete Request once all Items are approved.


Please Note: For security reasons, accountants approving Spend Requests tied to Emburse Cards will be prompted to enable multi-factor authentication at this stage.

Step 6: On the next page, click Complete to finish approving the Spend Request.


Disapproving a Spend Request

Manager can disapprove single Items, or an entire Spend Request. If the entire Spend Request is disapproved, it will return to the submitter's Spend Request Drafts.

Step 1: To disapprove single Items, click the arrow (>) under Actions. Select Disapprove in the Other Actions pop-up window.


Once the Item has been disapproved, a red X will appear in the Status column.


Step 2: To disapprove a Spend Request completely, click the Disapprove Request button.


Step 3: On the Disapprove Spend Request Page, click Submit.




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