AP Release Notes: November 6, 2020


Purchase Order Imports

We have added several enhancements to the Purchase Order Imports (POI) feature.

  • Line ID
  • Allocation Percentage Requirement
  • Allocation Percentage Total Calculation

Line ID

In order to accommodate for the combination of Packing Lists and Allocations it became apparent that a unique identifier variable would be required to distinguish between lines that are allocated vs. those that are not as well as to establish a relationship between allocated lines.

A new column has been added called Line IDLine ID allows clients to put a unique identifier in place for lines that are not allocated and use a common value food lines that are allocated to identify them as such.

See the example below. Rows 2-5 are allocated and Rows 8-11 are not allocated. You will see that using Line ID we can ascertain that Rows 2 and 3 are related in an allocation. While looking at rows 8 through 11 we can ascertain they are all not allocated. Line ID is used in conjunction with Allocation Percentage to determine what lines are in an allocation and how they are allocated in terms of total.


Line ID is a required column for all Purchase Order Import files moving forward.

Allocation Percentage Changes

We made two important changes to the Allocation Percentage column.

  • First we have made Allocation Percentage a required column. This was overlooked in the initial release and it should have always been a required column.
  • Second we added in a new check that Allocation Percentage must total up to 100% on all lines connected by a same Line ID. They may not be over or under 100% as an allocation should always total up to 100% only.

Bug Fix Notes



CAP-3760 | EE: Exception error when you approve/disapprove invoice when you are not logged in to Certify AP

An issue was found where if a user was not logged into the application and attempted to commit an enhanced email approval they would receive an error. This was corrected.

CAP-3736 | QA API: Create Department: Set the root company’s ERP Department ID with unique department id

We have had some client complaints about the way we set root department ERPIDs to “N/A”. This was also creating an issue for us in testing. As such we now set root dept ERPIDs to match the root dept. name.

CAP-3735 | EE: Delegate doesn't receive an approval email for invoices 

This issue is still under review. A fix was passed up but requires more work.

CAP-3724 | CustomExportBuilder.aspx : Computed Field Not Aggregating Correctly in File Header/Footer Sections

An issue was found where Computed Columns were not aggregating correctly when used in file header or footer rows. This has been corrected.

CAP-3703 | POI: Remove extra spaces in vendor error messages.

Purchase Order Import error messages contained some unnecessary whitespace that has now been removed.

CAP-3678 | POImportPreview.aspx : Company Preference Error When User in File Does Not Exist

If an invalid user was passed in a file for Purchase Order Imports an error stating an invalid Company Preference wasn’t configured was appearing. This has been corrected.

CAP-3553 | RESEARCH: Need to fix CompanyDataExport

Issues were found that are keeping the Company Data Export from being run. They have all been identified and put into separate tickets to correct this issue over our next several sprints.

Automation Notes

CAP-3801 | QA Write test cases: Suppress Email Notification, CAP-3799

CAP-3795 | QA Automation: POI:  Line ID

CAP-3794 | QA Write test cases: Line ID - CAP-3754

CAP-3766 | QA Automation: Update automaton tests

CAP-3751 | QA Testing:[Regression] Approve/Disapprove transactions - EE turned off.

CAP-3746 | QA Automation: Rerun fail tests. Update requirements including stere

CAP-3745 | QA Automation: [placeholder]: Fix failures

CAP-3744 | QA Automation: Make sure that test_po_import_unable_to_find_vendor test all passed and remove the comments regarding the bug in the test.

CAP-3741 | QA Write test cases: EE: Requisition/Invoice delegate approval

CAP-3725 | QA Automation: Fix failures: Dept code changed, etc

CAP-3719 | QA Automation: Fix delete companies test

CAP-3679 | QA Automation:  Update test_po_import_allocation_percentage - Between Dept, and  fix some POI tests failing due to Line ID

CAP-3650 | QA Automation: Fix POI tests according to changes from CAP-3639 and add Allocation % to the templates

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