Release Notes: October 2, 2020


Certify Payments - Default Settlement Accounts


Customers using Certify Payments with Western Union can now set a default settlement account for each user and each invoice vendor.

Once a default is set, the user's expense reports will default to the appropriate account on the Reimbursements screen.


The same is true for clients using Invoice Classic as well as Payments via Western UnionAdministrators can now set a default settlement account on the invoice record.



On the Reimbursements screen, the Treasurer will have the option to override the default, if necessary.

View our Help Center article for further information on setting a Default Settlement Account for a User.

Completed Date Added to Approval History


The Completed Date has been added to the Expense Report Approval History. This date represents the day the Accountant clicked the Process button, while the Processed Date continues to represent the date the Accountant selected during processing.

To access this date, hover over the Processed Date in the approval history, which will pop up a tooltip with the information.

Advanced Expense Categories Bulk Upload Tool


Administrators will now have access to the Advanced Category Bulk Upload Tool, which gives Administrators more control to load new categories that require department filtering.


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