Release Notes: October 23, 2020


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Certify's Pre-Approval module allows users to gain approval for expenses before the spend occurs. Users submit Spend Requests with spend estimates, which their approver can either approve or disapprove, depending on company policies.

Once the Spend Request is approved, users can purchase the necessary items with the approved budget in mind. When submitting their expense report for the purchased items, users can link their Pre-Approval to the expense report, showing their approver what they spend versus what they were budgeted to spend.

Clients utilizing the Pre-Approval module will see a new Spend Requests folder on their homepage.


  • Draft Spend Requests are requests which the user has started, but not submitted to their manager.
  • The Requested folder contains Spend Requests which the user has submitted for approval, but have not been fully approved.
  • Approved Spend Requests have been approved by all approvers and are eligible to be linked to an expense report.
  • Spend Requests which are linked to processed expense reports will reside in the Archived folder.

Users can create Itemized or Lump Sum Spend Requests. A Lump Sum is a single amount of money, which is not tied to an expense type or category. An Itemized Spend Request requires the user to break down their expected spend into categories.

When a user is creating an Itemized Spend Request, they are first asked to choose an expense type, and fill in the necessary details for the item. Any expense categories available to the end user during expense report creation will also be available to the user when creating a spend request. The only exception to this include MileagePer Diem, and Hourly Rate expense categories, which are not eligible for Spend Requests.

Users can attach images to a Spend Request line item, if necessary. Attachments are not required for a Spend Request, but can be helpful when requesting money.


Any General Ledger Dimensions that are typically required for a particular category will also be required for the spend request. Similar to expense reports, users can cross charge the spend request to different departments, if applicable.

Once the Spend Request is submitted, it will follow the same approval path as a typical expense report. The only difference between the Spend Request approval path is that the Accountant is not involved. This is because no money is being reimbursed with a Spend Request.

Approvers can approve and disapprove individual line items, or disapprove the entire Spend Request, which would send the request back to the submitter for edits.


Once a Spend Request is approved, the user is free to make the purchases. The Spend Request will move to the user’s Approved folder, where they can attach the Spend Request to an expense report.


Users can generate a new expense report based on the Spend Request details, or link the spend request to an existing expense report.


With the Spend Request linked to the expense report, users can fill out their report as normal. After the report is submitted, the Approver will see the Spend Request details attached to the expense report. This allows the approver to compare the budgeted spend to the actual spend, and approve or reject the expense report accordingly.


For further information on the Pre-Approval feature, view the following Help Center articles:

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