Creating a Lump Sum Spend Request


Certify's Spend Request feature enables end-users to budget for an expense before the spend occurs. Once the Spend Request is submitted, a Manager can see the expected costs for specific projects, trips, or people, providing opportunities for increased spend management. 

Employees can submit Spend Requests to their Managers using their companies pre-determined Approval Workflow. Once an employee has their Spend Request approved, they can upload and link expenses to it from their Certify Wallet.

A Lump Sum Spend Request is a total amount that can be applied to any Expense Type in the final Expense Report.

This article shows you, a Certify User, how to create a lump sum spend request.

Step 1: Click New Spend Request in the My Spend Requests section of your Certify homepage.


Step 2: To create a new Spend Request, enter a NameDate RangeDescription, then choose Lump Sum as your Request Type.


Step 3: Click Next.


Step 4: Fill in the Department and the Amount being requested and click Next.


  • Department: Choose the Department the expense is being charged to from the dropdown list.
  • Amount: Fill in the total amount being requested.
  • Reason: Include an explanation for what the amount requested is being used for. This is not required.
  • Attachment: Upload any supply lists, cost quotes, etc. This is not required.

Step 5: Click the Request Details to make changes to the Spend Request.


Step 6: Once all necessary changes have been made, click Submit Request.


Step 7: Review the Spend Request, then click Submit.



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