AP Release Notes: October 9, 2020


PO Imports

PO Imports was released in September, and since then a few minor enhancements have been made, as well as bug fixes. 

Now, you will find new fields available in the POI templates to help companies import and assign data correctly to departments and users.


You will see new fields in the Allocation Detail section for Department Name and Department Number

Issue Details

CAP-3639-PO import: Department ID or Name from Allocation Detail is not required when template created 

CAP-3606-POI: Bill-To Department ID field should be required.

We had certain fields in the POI template that needed to be made required. Now when importing PO data clients will be required to include a department ID to allocate PO line items or allocations to as well as a user email so we can identify which user a PO should be attributed to. If a user email is not provided we use the Default User in the POI Company Preference. If a bad user email is provided we will error out and notify the POI administrators listed in the Company Preference.
CAP-3638-PO import: GL accounts and Project info is required to import order


GL account fields (name or number) and project fields (name or number) were being required in the POI template and they were not intended to be. If clients do provide them we will book the PO line items as they detail, if they do not we will use the default values in Company Preferences. If bad values are provided we will error out and notify the POI administrators listed in the Company Preference.

CAP-3617-PO Import: Unable to preview the import file

We were seeing some issues with previewing certain files in the feature. This was corrected and now all appropriate files are able to be previewed as needed.

CAP-3616-POI FTP : Files Unable to Import via FTP

There were some FTP import issues on first release. These were corrected immediately upon release and prior to any announcement of the feature.

CAP-3613-manageftp.aspx : Cannot Generate New FTP Creds in PROD

There were some FTP credential generation issues in companies that already had FTP credentials in place. This was also corrected immediately upon release and prior to any announcement of the feature.

CAP-3605-POI - Unable to import PO fields for PL-enabled vendor

We found some issues where lines for PL enabled vendors could ONLY be imported if PL data was included. Since receiving can be handled in the client’s ERP OR in Certify AP we cannot require PL data. This has been revised and PL data is no longer a requirement.

CAP-3604-Companies Missing Central Ordering Permission

The release of some POI features early caused issues in new companies created post the early August release where the Central Ordering permission was not showing up and Central Ordering could not be enabled. This was dealt with on a case by case basis with direct intervention to enable it from the back end, but has now been corrected for new companies and also enhanced to provide them with more and clearer feedback on how this feature works.

CAP-3603-POI - Unable to insert correct ShipToOUID

ShipToOUID is the back-end term for Ship To Department in the POI template. This field was not reading data correctly that was valid and has now been corrected to interfere the input.

CAP-3598-POI - Incorrect allocation for an item allocated across different depts

We were seeing some display issues with how allocated items were showing in the archives after import via POI. This has been corrected and all allocations are now displaying properly.

CAP-3580-POImportPreview.aspx : On Error Return to Top of Page

A QA finding post release that when an import was done from clicking the bottom button on the page the page was not returning to the top where the error validation was displaying. This could lead to confusion and this has been corrected so that users see the errors immediately without need to scroll.

CAP-3551-PO Import mapping: Products are split between different PLs, when PL details and the PO are the same

When importing PL data along with PO data we were seeing multiple PL created for each PL detail rather than the PL details being aggregated correctly on a single PL. This has been corrected.

CAP-3536-PO import: "Bill-To Department ID has invalid value '' error is always displayed with "Vendor does not support receiving"

When erroneous Bill TO Department data was provided we were displaying an incorrect error concerning vendors. This has been corrected so the proper error is being displayed in this situation.

CAP-3507-POI: Mapping Builder: Error is displayed if you upload a file and upload the same file but the field value is changed.

We had an issue when a user would try to upload the same file twice in a row perhaps after correcting data in the file. The application would not allow the second attempt to upload and you would have to leave the page and come back in to try again successfully. This has been corrected.

CAP-3443-PO import mapping: Preview -  choose file field value remains after import

An issue was found where after a successful import the file details were remaining on screen even if a new file was added. This has been corrected so that data is cleared after import from the page.

CAP-3398-PO import endpoints return 200 (and process request) instead of 403 error

An issue with our internal API returning a success message when an error was detected with improper credentials. This has been corrected.


Enhanced Email Approvals

Significant progress has been made on our new feature for Enhanced Email Approvals. We are in final testing now on it and it should make it to our next release coming. Here is a preview:


Once you click the Approve or Disapprove button they will be directed to a confirmation 

webpage to let them know their choice has been confirmed. The link expires after the first use, so if you attempt to approve or disapprove a transaction after it is already completed, you will receive an error.

Invoice Capture

A change has been made to the processing schedule of Invoice Capture. Previously, invoices would process on a 12 hour schedule.

Our processing frequency has now been increased to hourly, so that at most the longest an invoice will ever sit with us is 60 minutes.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is what we use for our build and deployment tools in engineering. Previously, we were seeing long times when running our unit and integration tests through Azure DevOps and this was leading to unacceptable development delays/waits. The time has now been reduced from one hour, to approximately 20 minutes.

Additional Bug Fix Notes

Issue Details
CAP-3576-RESEARCH : International/Canadian Routing Numbers not Working on Entry for ACH An issue was detected where we could not validate Canadian routing numbers inserted on vendor records for use with Certify Payments and WUBS. This has been corrected and any and all country and bank routing numbers will now be accepted. The routing number validation is now shifted to the WUBS side instead of in Certify AP and if bad routing numbers are provided the transaction will return from WUBS, an email will be sent to us and the client informing them of a bad routing number and once corrected the transaction may be resent.
CAP-3572-CustomExport.aspx : Price Extended not Correct in Export An issue was detected where the Price Extended column in the Custom Export Builder was not being calculated correctly and exactly matched the Price field. Price Extended should be a calculation of Price multiplied by Quantity Ordered. This has been corrected and it is now calculating correctly.
CAP-3569-addspecialfile.aspx / DeleteSpecialFile.aspx : Can't create component An issue was detected that Special Files could not be added or deleted from our internal Admin SIte. Special Files are files added to the Home, Purchasing or Invoices tab in the application by support or implementation that customer provide and users are able to open from a new Company Documents menu. This has been corrected and files are able to be added or deleted again.
CAP-2838-The "Business Unit" value is shown on PO template configuration page An issue was found where the term “Business Unit” was still being used instead of the term Department as it should be. This was a legacy bug from ExW and has been corrected now.


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