Managing Invoice Submissions from Invoice Capture


Invoice Capture, a Certify AP feature, allows clients to have their invoices forwarded from their vendors to Certify AP for invoice OCR scanning and image capture. Certify AP then takes the OCR data and images to build invoices using the AP Automation feature.

Upon invoice submission by the vendor, invoices will run through an OCR process to obtain the invoice header and line item data. All invoices are scanned and saved to a PDF document, which will show up as an attachment on your electronic invoice.

Invoices submitted both physically and electronically will be processed into the application by 1:00 PM ET and delivered by 5:00 PM ET the following business day.

Please Note: If errors occur during the Invoice Capture process, an email will be sent to the Certify Team to resolve the issue.

Once the invoice has been sent by the vendor and run through the Invoice Capture process, Invoice Submitters will find the invoices ready for their review and routed to their Unassigned Invoice Queue.

Step 1: To access the Unassigned Invoice Queue, login to Certify AP and click Invoices in Progress.


Step 2: Once the Submit Invoice page opens, scroll down to the Unassigned Invoice
Queue section.


Step 3: Select an Unassigned Invoice to review the Invoice Capture and make any
necessary corrections to line details.

New Vendor Autocreation

During processing, Invoice Capture automatically links to existing vendors and/or products in Certify AP when they are detected from the OCR invoice data. For a processed invoice where we cannot find an existing vendor or product in the catalog, a new entry is created and labeled as AUTOCREATED - Vendor Name/Product Name in the Vendor/Product Catalogs.

The first place an Autocreated Vendor appears is in the Unassigned Invoice queue as
soon as the invoices are imported into the application.


After opening the processed Invoice Capture transaction, the Autocreated Vendor
and Autocreated Product List will appear on the new page.


Editing Autocreated Vendors

Once an Autocreated Vendor has been identified in the Unassigned Invoice queue,
it must be added to the Vendor Catalog.

Step 1: In the Purchasing tab of Certify AP, click View/Edit Vendors under Catalog.


Step 2: Once the Vendors page opens, select any Autocreated Vendors to update
key vendor information.


Step 3: After selecting an Autocreated Vendor, edit the Vendor Name, AP Vendor
ID, Default Category and GL, and choose whether to Enable Packing List or not.



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