Release Notes: July 10, 2020


Add Image to a Pending Report


A new setting has been created that allows approvers to add an additional receipt image to a report during the approval process. This allows approvers to attach supporting documentation to an expense, or attach additional images to an expense supplied by the submitter when an Inquiry is not beneficial.

This new setting can be found under Configuration on the View and Edit Policy page.


It's important to note that Accountants will always have the ability to add images during the approval process, regardless of this setting.

With the setting enabled, Approvers will see a new option in the Other Actions Menu during approval. 


After selecting Add Image, the approver will select a receipt saved on their computer. However, the approver will not be able to attach a receipt from their wallet or the submitter's at this time.


With the image selected, Certify will create a zero dollar line item and attach the new image. Certify will also automatically create a note, indicating the image was added during the approval process and by whom. The note can be edited by the approver, if necessary.

A zero dollar line item will be created in every scenario, even if the original expense line does contain a receipt. This is done to preserve any policy violations that may exist if a receipt was not initially attached by the submitter.

Approvers should leverage the existing Inquiry function if they'd prefer to have the receipt image attached to the original expense line.


The newly created zero dollar line item will not be editable. The approver will only have the options to Disapprove or Delete the additional image.


Please note that the additional images will only be able to be deleted by the approver who originally attached the image, or an Accountant. If the report were to be sent to a second level approver, that approver would not be able to remove the image. 

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