Release Notes: May 22, 2020


Login Screen Redesign


The login screen has been enhanced to better align with the public website and password recovery module. Additionally, the enhanced login experience should make for an easier authentication process, highlighted by a more prominent password recovery link.

The system status has also been moved to the top of the screen, giving you instant insight into current system performance.

A caps lock indicator has also been added to notify you if your caps lock key is on.


Lastly, you can see your password as you type by clicking the Show Password icon.


Submit Validation - Receipt Requirement Enhancements


The Receipts Required Submit Validation has been enhanced to check both a company's global receipt policy, as well as each expense category's individual receipt policy.

Previously, the Receipts Required Submit Validation would only take into account a company's global receipt requirements, found on the View and Edit Policy page. However, each category can also have a receipt requirement which overrides the global policy.

Going forward, if the validation is enabled, the expense report will not be submitted if a red exclamation point is present in the Receipts column (whether it is from the global policy or category policy). The default error message (which appears when the requirements are not met) has also been changed to make things easier for users and give a clear path to resolution.

The Submit Validation in question can be found on the View and Edit Policy page, and is called Prevent users from submitting reports if expense amount receipt requirements are not met.




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