Release Notes: May 8, 2020


Emburse Cards Integration

Certify now offers Emburse Cards, a fast and easy way to issue virtual or physical cards. With Certify now integrated with the Emburse Cards platform, users will enjoy automatic import of any Emburse Card transaction to their Certify Wallet. 

For information on connecting a company's Emburse Card program, view our article on Integrating Emburse Cards.

To learn more about the Emburse Card features and functionality, be sure to visit the Emburse Cards Help Center to learn more.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to sign up for an Emburse Cards Program!

Credit Card Icon Added to Expense Report View

To make things easier for both submitters and approvers, a credit card icon has been added for any expenses line which imported from a credit card feed. Hovering over the credit card icon will tell you the card program, as well as the last 4 digits of the card number.

If you prefer to view the expense report in expanded view, you will still see the credit card information in the Details column.

The same is true for the approval view, where approvers will see a credit card icon attached to any expenses which imported from a credit card feed.

Custom Report Builder - Receipt URL Available on Export

Enhancements have been made to the "View Receipt" and "Receipt Report" fields in the Custom Report Builder. Going forward, when a report containing these fields is exported, the columns will return a hyperlink which directs the report runner to the receipt image (View Receipt) or all receipt images contained in the particular report (Receipt Report).

This allows a report runner to share the export with a non-Certify user, who could access the receipt images without logging in.

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