Release Notes: April 10, 2020


Small Business Credit Card Integration Enhancements - FinicityConnect

With the help of our credit card aggregator, Finicity, we've enhanced the user experience for clients connecting their small business credit cards to Certify.

If a user's card becomes disconnected, a banner will now be displayed at the top of their homepage, instructing them to take self-corrective measures.


On the My Account page, the user can click the refresh icon to re-establish the card's connection to Finicity.


Doing so will take the user to Finicity's website to reconnect the card. The user will be prompted to enter their online banking username and password, as well as answer any online banking security questions.


Successful authentication will return the user to the My Account page, where the card will update to an active status.


A similar process will occur when a user adds their card for the first time. After entering their card number and financial institution, the user will be directed to Finicity's website to complete the integration. For further information, view our articles on Adding a Credit Card and Re-Linking a Credit Card.

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