Release Notes: March 6, 2020


InstantAudit - Questionable Merchants


Seven new audit definitions have been added to catch even more high risk expenses. With Questionable Merchants, Administrators can define which Merchant Category Codes should be flagged for additional review. 

Unlike the Vendor field, the Merchant Category Code is sent directly from the credit card provider and cannot be altered by the end user, so Administrators will know any time a user spends money at a merchant they deem acceptable.

Six Questionable Merchant rules have been created, grouped with similar merchant codes we think do not belong on expense reports. Those groups include all merchant codes relating to:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Health and Beauty
  • Jewelry
  • Political Organizations
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Suspicious Activity

View our article on Questionable Merchant Codes for more information.

If Administrators would like a group other than the default groups, they can choose the seventh definition "Other Invalid Merchant" which allows them to customize which specific Merchant Codes should be flagged for review.


Because we rely on the credit card provider to send us the Merchant Category Code of each expense, this functionality is only available to clients utilizing a corporate credit card feed.

PGP Key Added to Configuration Page


For clients sending secure files via SFTP, we've made it easier for Administrators to access Certify's PGP key. 

Analytic Reports Exporting to XLSX

All analytics reports have been updated to export to Excel using the updated XLSX format. The differences between XLSX format and XLS format are minimal, however the XLSX format allows for more rows and columns.

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