Creating a Credit Card Invoice from Assigned Charges


In Certify AP, there are various ways to indicate a purchasing invoice that has been paid with a credit card. You will need to have either a credit card charge assigned to you, or have an assigned credit card with uploaded charges.

This article shows you, a Certify AP User with assigned credit card charges, how to submit a credit card invoice.

Step 1: On the Purchasing Cards page, select Match Charges.


Step 2: The Match Charges page opens. Click the charge to match to an invoice, then click Matched to an Invoice.


Step 3: The Submit Invoice page opens. Click one of the two buttons at the top: 

  • Select a Vendor: Choose this if the Invoice contains items from multiple Purchase Orders.
  • Enter a PO Number: Choose this if the Invoice contains items from one Purchase Order.

If you choose Select a Vendor, choose the vendor's name from the list below. If you choose Enter a PO Number, enter the Purchase Order Number in the Enter PO Number field.


Step 5: Enter a date for the Invoice in the Enter Invoice Date field. 


Step 6: Enter a number for this invoice in the Enter Invoice Number field. You can also click the generate icon to have Certify AP generate a number for you.


Step 7: Click Create Invoice.


The Submit Invoice page opens. View our article on Submitting a Purchasing Invoice for further information.

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