Release Notes: December 20, 2019


QuickBooks Online Upgrade to OAuth 2.0


We've upgraded to Intuit's new authentication process, OAuth 2.0QuickBooks Online clients will not see a disruption in service, and will only be required to re-authenticate the next time time they attempt to sync.

Please Note: As a part of Intuit's new process, clients will have to re-authenticate approximately every 100 days.

Default Users to the Purchasing Home Screen


For users only using Certify Purchasing, we've added an option to default users to the Purchasing home page, set at the department level.

For any user who belongs to a Purchasing department, they will not need to click through to Purchasing to log in. Instead, they will see their Purchasing home screen after authenticating.


Please Note: Administrators will only see this new option if their account is configured to use Purchasing.

Prevent Copy/Paste in Direct Deposit Confirmation Fields


Users are now prevented from pasting data into any "Confirmation" field when entering their direct deposit information. This helps prevent users from entering incorrect banking data, which further delays their reimbursement. 


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