Release Notes: October 18, 2019


Certify InstantAudit

Certify InstantAudit offers real-time compliance reviews for every submitted expense. InstantAudit helps users learn their organization's spend policy and allows approvers to uncover potentially fraudulent behavior.

By scanning every expense at submission and flagging the highest-risk items, InstantAudit focuses a company's Auditing team on the expenses that matter.

To begin using InstantAuditCertify Administrators must begin Assigning Auditors and Establishing InstantAudit Rules.

Audit Definitions

InstantAudit begins with 15 new audit violations, which expand on our existing, standard policy violations. An audit violation is similar to a policy violation, in that it flags an expense for further review. However, they operate a little differently than your standard policy violations.

Administrators can choose which audit violations to add, based on their company requirements. To access the audit rules, click Configuration, followed by View and Edit Audit Definitions.


Some useful Audit Definitions include:

  • Excessive Tips: Prevents users from over-tipping
  • Alcohol and Recreational Drugs: Flags any expense with references to alcohol or drug use
  • Gift Cards: Flags any expense with references to gift card purchases
  • Golf Expenses: Flags any expense with references to Golf or Golf fees
  • Bad Receipt Image: Flags any expense with an illegible receipt
  • Duplicate Receipt Image: Flags any receipt image which has been previously used by anyone in the company in the last 90 days

The Auditor

Anyone with the Auditor role will see a curated list of all expenses which have failed the audit scan. Auditors can view these expenses in their InstantAudit Alerts Queue.


Auditors will only see expenses flagged by InstantAudit, focusing their time on the highest risk expenses. Additionally, they will only see individual expense lines, not the entire expense report. 

However, Auditors are not a part of the approval path. Auditors influence the approval decision, but are not actually approving or disapproving expense lines.

Helping Approvers Make Better Decisions

Approvers now have the chance to approve with InstantAudit enabled. This gives them 3 new data points to help them make a better approval or disapproval decision:

  • The "Audit Violation" flag, alerting them to the new type of compliance rule
  • Notes from the Auditor
  • Inquiry response from the submitter, sent automatically to any expense flagged by InstantAudit (optional)



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